Vikki Hawkins
Heide makes learning German fun

I took German GCSE over 15 years ago – I remember really enjoying learning the language at school, but I had forgotten most of what I’d learnt. Picking up the language again was something I had always wanted to do, and my current job generously agreed to pay for lessons.

Our lessons are quite informal, and although we focus on working our way through exercises in a text book, Heide is always happy to answer questions or practise areas which I am particularly struggling with. She also supplements the textbook with games and children’s stories, or practical German including learning how to read train tickets and signs.

I would definitely recommend Heide as a German teacher, she is absolutely lovely and makes learning German really fun.

I got an A* with a 99% mark

Heide has been teaching me German since I was five!

She is sensitive and intuitive teacher who tailors her lessons to my needs.

Heide has always been flexible in her teaching methods. She is generous with her time allowing students to wander off in conversation – in German obviously. Then when you have a specific problem or a goal (such as an exam) she focuses the teaching around that target.

I did my German GCSE exams one year early and was awarded an A* with 99%. I also received an A* for my Pre-U A-level exams, again a year early.

Nicholas, Student in Clapham

Understanding and Flexible

Heide has always been very understanding of my demanding workload and busy diary and is happy to be flexible about fitting in lessons.

Bavarian Student Lisi Munich, Talks About Learning English with Heide

I started working with Heide three months before my final exams in Bavaria. My marks in English had hit rock bottom.

Heide and I got on immediately. Her patience, passion for me to succeed and her ongoing trust sparked my ambition.

I revised all essential vocabulary, knew pros and cons of different topics and had gone through past exam papers and practiced speaking and writing endlessly.

On the day of the exam I felt ready and relatively calm.

I was relieved and happy when I found out my exam results. My school teacher even commented on my achievement in front of the whole class. I can do it!

I would thoroughly recommend Heide’s classes

We have covered all kinds of things in the lessons, from translations and grammar practise to informal conversation and even poetry. I would thoroughly recommend Heide’s classes to anyone wanting to learn German, from beginner level up to more advanced learning.

Rob B, Christie’s Auction House‎, London

Well Structured and Exciting

My German classes with Heide were well structured and exciting.

Our main focus was business German. I improved my ability to express my ideas and put forward arguments in a positive and constructive way.

Heide’s passion for teaching motivated me to stay focused, particularly after an intense day at work!

Marco, Mercedes-Benz Bank, Berlin

Kate Student
Invaluable and Vitally Useful

In my role as a curator for an exhibition about the Second World War, I regularly work with documents, film, books and letters that are written in German. Learning German in Heide’s classes has been invaluable to my understanding of these vitally useful aspects of my research.

Heide’s persönliche Stärke liegt darin Brücken zwischen Lehrplänen und Menschen zu schlagen

Das Hauptziel in den Kursen für Kinder und Jugendliche ist zu verstehen was aussagekräftiges Kommunizieren bedeutet und wie man es macht. Maßgeschneiderte Kurse bereiten Schüler gezielt auf mündliche und schriftliche Anforderungen in der Schule und in Prüfungssituationen vor. Zusammenfassungen, Interpretationen, argumentieren zu können, sich selbst und eigenes Wissen ruhig und gekonnt einzubringen sind erlernbar.

Heide’s persönliche Stärke liegt darin Brücken zwischen Lehrplänen und Menschen zu schlagen. Gemeinsam mit den Teilnehmern öffnet sie auf spielerische Weise Türen zu allen Prüfungsbausteinen.

Marla, Lotti and Clara

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