Lisi was one of my students who took her final school exams during the Covid 19 lockdown. She sat her final English exam in June 2020 and prior to this wanted to refine her written and oral skills.

We had around four months to prepare. We spent 3-4 hours a week with online Zoom sessions and on top of this she devoted at least 6-8 hours a week to self study.

As a dedicated Volleyball player, she knew that if she wanted great results she needed to be disciplined, committed and practice regularly. Her hard work paid off. She now studies in an international sports academy and speaks English on a daily basis. She also plays for the National German Team.

Heide and Lisi
Group Teaching

Be it corporate or private, as you might expect, group language courses are tailored to meet the needs of the participants.

Companies who deal with an international clientele or have branches abroad often subsidise language classes. These are generally organised by the HR department. To make the best progress, my recommendation is that corporate classes be no bigger than four or five and that students are working at a similar proficiency level.

Typical subjects include:

  • delivering a presentation in another language
  • composing emails
  • listening to, reading about and discussing current affairs

Private classes are organised by groups of friends who want to either improve their own language skills or those of their children.

If this speaks to you, please get in touch and we can discuss how this might be realised.


This is the most personalised and in depth way to develop your language skills. We focus on your priorities in writing, speaking, reading or a combination of all. Your personalised course might be curriculum (school/university) or work focused. In many instances the motivation to study German comes from meeting a German speaking partner and a desire to build relationships with new friends and extended family.

What I offer through 1:1 tuition is that you will:

  • have a greater opportunity to speak and get feedback almost immediately
  • feel at ease quickly
  • lose your fear around making mistakes
  • make rapid progress

During your free taster session we’ll establish your goals and outline a course program that suit your needs.

One to one teaching

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